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5 Steps To Sleep For Babies and Toddlers

by Caroline's Angels Baby Sleep Specialists


5 Steps To Sleep

Offers a gentle approach to improving your baby's sleep that allows for both their unique individuality and preferences, while also offering time to adapt to each step of change.  

Sleep, behavioural & toileting solutions for babies & children 0-5 years.  


About the Authors

Caroline Radford and Caroline McMahon, or "The Carolines" as they are affectionately known, have been successfully working to support sleep, settling, toileting and behaviour for babies and young children independently and together for almost twenty years. They have found over many years that no two babies or families are the same.


The Carolines' are also the creators of the "Dynamic Sleep Connection" model by which they practice. They assist health professionals learn more about baby sleep and how to work with the Dynamic Sleep Connection (DSC) model.


All of their current research based strategies are gentle and effective so that sleep can be improved with minimal stress.


Caroline McMahon RN RM B.App.Sci.Nsg (Curtin) or "Mac', has two sons and found them to be difficult babies and poor sleepers. This led Mac to focus her research on alternative settling methods that are individualized for the baby, their personality and their own particular needs.

Caroline Radford RN RM BNsg, has two daughters. Caroline's Baby Health and community based background, working with families within their own home settling, has led to the accumulation of many solutions to varying situations.  

The Carolines are members of the International Association of Sleep Consultants and are Dynamic Sleep Connection (DSC) practitioners.


More Sleep - 5 Steps to Sleep For Babies & Toddlers

We've all heard the phrase "slept like a baby" well for most of us with a baby, hearing that can send a wave of anxiety through your body! That's one of the key reasons Caroline McMahon and Caroline Radford from Caroline's Angels Baby Sleep Specialists have written this book, specifically to create a healthy sleep pattern for your own unique baby! 5 Steps to Sleep For Babies & Toddlers will help you to understand your own unique baby's sleep needs and implement 5 gentle steps to improve your baby's sleep and set up healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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