Babies fall asleep quicker and sleep longer in wool

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When I set out to create our Platinum range of Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bags I wanted a premium product that really worked to help babies sleep. I researched the qualities of wool and worked with Woolmark in Australia where I learnt of a study by the University of Sydney which found that sleeping in wool beats both polyester and cotton for sleep quality. Study participants who slept in wool sleepwear fell asleep quicker, slept more efficiently and also slept longer than those in cotton or synthetics.  The University of Sydney study has been summarised by Woolmark here.

In the words of famous American physicist and television personality Julius Sumner Miller “Why is it so?” Why wool?

Temperature regulation

Amazing wool has a unique structure that allows it to act as an insulator without sacrificing breathability. Wool releases moisture so you stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool has natural moisture wicking qualities and so it wicks the moisture away from skin if you sweat during sleep. You will want to keep your baby warm in winter, but it is equally important not to overheat your baby. Wool acclimatises to its surroundings and keeps baby comfortable all night by maintaining body temperature. This is a major plus for babies who are not naturally able to regulate their temperature by themselves. Regulating temperature means baby has a more consistent sleep, with less sleep disturbance and a better quality of sleep during the night. Read more about keeping baby at just the right temperature here.

Machine washable

In the past, consumers were reluctant to purchase wool because it was difficult to wash and dry, but these days modern wool processing methods make it far easier to wash. Our Platinum Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bags can be machine washed and then simply placed on a coat hanger and allowed to dry, quickly and naturally. My philosophy has always been to create products that stand the test of time – so all of our Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bags will retain their shape and condition over many years and will be passed on for many more babies to come.

Reduces allergens in the bedroom

Wool is not a known allergen. Wool is resistant to mildew, mould and other bacteria. Some sensitive skin is irritated by wool that’s why our Platinum Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bags are lined with organic cotton, to prevent any skin irritation for baby. Our bags are so easily washable that you will have no trouble keep it fresh for baby.

Fire retardant

Thanks to mother nature, wool is naturally fire retardant. It has a much higher flame retardancy than other fabrics due to the lanolin content. No harmful chemicals are required to be added to reduce fire risk.  In fact we subject our products to rigorous voluntary testing to ensure there are no harmful substances.  Both our 1.5TOG and 2.5TOG have a Low Fire Danger in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1249:2003.

Soft and cuddly

Contrary to its itchy reputation, modern wool is so soft and luxurious. It doesn’t itch and scratch like one of those old heavy woolen blankets from my childhood. The production processes used today produce a beautifully soft final product without any need to add chemicals.  By using wool padding in our Platinum Range baby sleeping bags they’re very light and not at all heavy for baby – it’s like a luxurious wearable wool padded doona or duvet!

Cotton is the softest fabric next to skin so that’s why all of our Platinum Joey Swag baby sleeping bags are lined with 100% organic cotton lining with the added bonus of wool padding in the 1.5TOG and 2.5TOG sleeping bags. Natures beauty and softness cocoons baby during sleep.

Good for everyone

The wool we use at Bubbaroo is Australian grown and supports Australian farmers and local industries. Since wool is grown, not manufactured, it is sustainable and renewable.  Wool uses less energy in manufacturing than other man-made materials.

Customers can feel happy knowing that you are purchasing a product that will not only help baby sleep, is natural and will stand the test of time, but you’re also making a conscious consumption choice.

If you want baby to sleep in the safest sleep environment, try our Platinum Joey Swags this winter. Our Bubbaroo Platinum Range Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bags contain the best of nature – organic cotton and premium Australian wool. Why would you choose anything else to send baby off to gentle slumber?

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