So what’s the difference between our Platinum and Standard Range Joey Swag baby sleeping bags?

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Bubbaroo Joey Swags


We often get asked by our customers, “What is the difference between the Platinum Joey Swag and Standard Bubbaroo Joey Swags baby sleeping bags?”.

We’ve summarised the differences between the Platinum Joey Swags and the Standard Joey Swags below to help you choose the right Joey Swag baby sleeping bag for your baby.

Platinum vs Standard range

The standard range was our original collection of Joey Swag baby sleeping bags. This product has been used by thousands of babies and is still a high quality product. As it is not our most recent range, we only have limited sizes and colours available.

Our Platinum Range is our latest collection and takes the Joey Swag Baby sleeping bag to a whole new level featuring Organic Cotton, Australian Wool padding and a beautiful platinum gift box to store precious keep sakes. The Platinum Range Joey Swag baby sleeping bags are available in 3 TOG/warmth ratings – 0.5TOG, 1.5TOG (padded with Australian Wool) and 2.5TOG padded with Australian Wool).  There are also 4 sizes and 4 colour ways to choose from: Pink Dot, Teal Dot, Mocha Dot and White with Platinum Binding – all very Scandi influenced design style!

Bubbaroo_Swags_TEAL Bubbaroo_Swags_MOCHA Bubbaroo_Swags_PINK

Safety is always at the forefront of our mind, we subject our baby sleeping bags to Australian and UK safety testing beyond requirements.  We’re committed to communicating safe sleeping recommendations of SIDSandKids.

A Bubbaroo Joey Swag baby sleeping bag is safe, functional and chic!








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