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How to Wean from Breastfeeding

When and how to wean your baby is a huge question for many parents. You want to make sure you’re doing the best for your baby nutritionally and emotionally. For some parents the decision to start weaning comes easily but for others it takes more planning.

Maternity-Paediatric Dietitian and a Breastfeeding Counsellor Kristy Manners from Growth Spectrum gives some advice on how to tackle this universal dilemma.

Breaking the Silence of Grief: A mum’s journey after the loss of her toddler turns trauma into healing

In 2010, Jenny McGregor faced the most horrific thing a mother will ever have to go through when her 18 month old son Jamie died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep. It was completely unexpected and devastatingly painful. No mother ever expects to lose her child; however, Jenny was suddenly faced with the harsh reality that this does indeed happen… and it happens more than we would care to conceive.

Plagiocephaly – Flat Head Syndrome

In recent years, the practice of sleeping babies on their backs to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has resulted in a rise in the number of cases of plagiocephaly diagnosis. Bubbaroo is passionate about safe sleep practices and communicating the safe sleep message. Our goal is to help baby to sleep safely! We are equally committed to assisting new parents in identifying and preventing plagiocephaly wherever possible.

Colic – is it real?

Colic is a term often loosely thrown around as a blanket diagnosis for babies who cry a lot in the first few months of life. For those who have it – it is definitely real. But why some babies get it and others don’t is a mystery.

It is natural for babies to cry that’s for sure. But if they’ve been fed, changed, are not too hot or cold and are still crying, what could it be? Could it be colic?

Co-sleeping – is it safe or not?

Is it safe to sleep with my baby? Many parents (whether breastfeeding or not) end up sleeping with their child at some stage. What is co-sleeping? Is it sharing the same bed? Sharing a sofa (a very big NO NO!) or just sleeping in close proximity but not on the same sleep surface? All of these constitute co-sleeping but some forms are much safer than others.