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How to Wean from Breastfeeding

When and how to wean your baby is a huge question for many parents. You want to make sure you’re doing the best for your baby nutritionally and emotionally. For some parents the decision to start weaning comes easily but for others it takes more planning.

Maternity-Paediatric Dietitian and a Breastfeeding Counsellor Kristy Manners from Growth Spectrum gives some advice on how to tackle this universal dilemma.

Dreamfeeding – will it work for you?

The “Dream Feed”! What is it? Sounds pleasantly relaxing but should you do it? Will it work?

Dream feeding is when you wake your baby just enough to take a feed, just before you go off to bed yourself. The goal is to top baby up with an extra feed whilst still asleep, then put them back to bed, in the hope that you will get a longer stretch of sleep yourself. Will you try it?

Breastfeeding – 10 Things You Need to Know

Breastfeeding provides babies with the best start in life and is a key contributor to infant health. Breastfeeding is very natural process but it is also a learned skill. There are not so many opportunities in our society today to witness babies positioning and feeding behaviour. Health professionals at hospital or in your home will be able to provide you with advice and direction. You can also gain knowledge from a multitude of videos and practical information on the internet.
Here are 10 things you need to know!