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What to Expect After You’re Expecting Workshop – 27 October 2018

Our What to Expect After You’re Expecting Workshops cover a huge gap in mainstream antenatal education, focusing on information about surviving the early months of parenthood. Learn about Postnatal care for parents, self-care and well-being; optimal nutrition for new Mums and when to and how to return to exercise. Learn about life with a newborn baby – the Fourth Trimester; setting up a safe sleep space and products that support safe sleep and where to get help and support.

Baby Sleep Stages – What to Expect

So you’ve hit a stumbling block! Has sleep suddenly become a really big deal? Here we’ll talk you through what to expect as baby grows and develops through various sleep stages!

Often there isn’t a lot of talk about sleep at the hospital and baby may still dreamily sleep for the first few days anyway. Plus you don’t have to wash, clean, cook or shop when you’re in hospital. Then you arrive home…

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Dreamfeeding – will it work for you?

The “Dream Feed”! What is it? Sounds pleasantly relaxing but should you do it? Will it work?

Dream feeding is when you wake your baby just enough to take a feed, just before you go off to bed yourself. The goal is to top baby up with an extra feed whilst still asleep, then put them back to bed, in the hope that you will get a longer stretch of sleep yourself. Will you try it?

Babies fall asleep quicker and sleep longer in wool

When I set out to create our Platinum range of Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bags I wanted a premium product that really worked to help babies sleep. I researched the qualities of wool and worked with Woolmark in Australia where I learnt of a study by the University of Sydney which found that sleeping in wool beats both polyester and cotton for sleep quality.