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Why is a routine important?

My kids started back at school this week – Jacob at high school. We now have 2 different schools a fair distance from each other and extra-curricular activities. It’s been a little overwhelming so tonight we’re sitting down and mapping out who needs to be where, when and how they’re going to get there. My family function so much better when we’re in our groove! we are getting used to our new routine. It’s difficult in the early days as we adjust to new events but in the long term I think a routine makes life so much easier.

What you need to know about Mother’s Group & Playgroup

So you’ve had your baby and you’ve been nesting for a couple of weeks! Now what?

Are you ready to get out and about? I know some days it’s just hard to make it to the shower and get out of your PJs when you’re a new mum, but making the effort to join a Mother’s group is really worth the effort! Not only for you but for your baby as well.

You may not have been ready to join a Mother’s group and are now looking at joining a Playgroup. There are plenty of options!

Managing sleep with siblings – by The Infant Sleep Consultants

Many families choose to have more than one child and whilst a new baby is certainly a wonderful addition to your family, there will be a period of adjustment for you all. The advantage you will have is that you have now done this before and can draw on experiences from your firstborn. It can however, be a balancing act trying to meet everyone’s needs and can sometimes leave parents feeling torn and guilty.

Sparkly Craft

No matter what the age of your little ones this Frozen inspired Silly Putty will be a hit!

This activity is a great way to assist with their sensory development. Involving your children with the creation of this activity will help them with their listening, reading and team work skills.

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We all know that filling those Lunch Boxes is a difficult job! When your child brings home a lunch box still full with food you begin to worry just what have they been eating today… Well we have put some time to look into what exciting lunch box fillers are LOVED by children and have research 5 yummy recipes to help you on your way!!


Sandwich Sushi Rolls sandwich

With an average rating of 4.5/5 these Sandwich Sushi Rolls are a super easy solution for your kids lunch boxes for School, Playgroup or Daycare!

Bring together all of your child’s favourite sandwich ingredients or try something new! At Bubbaroo our favourite recipe is Avocado as the spread, cooked chicken, carrot and cucumber.



Vegetable and Ham Frittersfritter

With an average rating of 5/5 these Pea and Noodle Fritters are sure to please! Taking up only 10 minutes prep time and 2 minutes cooking time is an easy and yummy recipe for all.

Make these the night before and cool in the fridge or even make the weekend before and freeze!



Honey Muesli Ballshoney

With no cooking required these yummy crunch nut free muesli bars are the perfect lunch box fillers! Only taking 20 minutes to prep and a 30 minute resting time these nutritious balls are an all time favourite with the Bubbaroo kids!

We bet that mum and dad will love them too!



Triple Coconut & Blueberry Muffinsmuffins

These 0 sugar yet sweet and yummy muffins are a great Lunchbox surprise! With 3 different types of coconut, these muffins will be sure to help stimulate energy throughout your little ones day.

This recipe is nut and sugar free! We promise it is a super yummy & healthy fix for your sweet tooth!



Mini Ham and Pineapple Pizzaspizza

With a 5/5 rating these 10 minute prepping and 10 minute cooking time these easy mini pizzas will please all fuzzy eaters! Involving the kids in this one will be great fun and why not make them for dinner and leftovers for lunch… YUM!

Adding your kids favourite (or tolerable) veggies will make this lunch a little healthier however with or without these go down a treat!


If your little toddler is having sleep issues and waking up at night rest assure that you are not alone! 40% of bubs aged between 1 to 3 years old wake up somewhere between 1 to 4 times a night. As far as toddler sleep training goes, creating plans and routines are the most commonly used way to help bub go down calmly for a good night’s sleep. The National Sleep Foundation relates sleep to being a primary activity of the brain during early development, so it is very important that your baby starts a regular sleep routine at a young age.


We have suggested below three basic sleep plans for bubs aged 1-3 years old.  These sleep plans or routines can be used as a guide to assist you in establishing a routine that works for your family and lifestyle.  I know that I feel more in my groove when I’m in my routine.  Have you noticed that childcare centres have a definite play, feed and sleep routine?  A routine is established to ensure that each child is safe and nurtured, and to minimise the potential for toddler sleep issues.  It’s a good idea to ensure that your child has the same routine no matter where they are or who is caring for them, so speak with your childcare centre and babysitter to ensure that the routine remains consistent.

Toddler Sleep Schedule Examples:

Two Naps ( 1 years old )One Nap ( 2 years old )No Naps ( 3 years old )
7.00 – Wake
7.00/7.30 – Breakfast
9.30 – Light Snack
10.00 – Nap One (1hr minimum)
11.30/12.00 – Lunch
2.00 – Nap Two (1hr minimum)
3.30 – Afternoon Snack
5.30 – Dinner
6.30 – Begin bedtime routine
7.00 – Bedtime
7.00 – Wake
7.00/7.30 – Breakfast
9.00 – Light Snack
11.00 – Lunch
12.00 – Nap (1hr minimum)
3.30 – Afternoon Snack
5.30 – Dinner
6.30 – Begin bedtime routine
7.00 – Bedtime
7.00 – Wake
7.00/7.30 – Breakfast
9.30 – Light Snack
12.00 – Lunch
1.00 – Quiet Time (45min-1hr)
3.30 – Afternoon Snack
5.30  – Dinner
6.30 – Begin bedtime routine
7.00 – Bedtime


What should be our Bedtime Routine?

The key to any good toddler sleep5 training is that the bedtime routine is consistent each night.  If you are out of the house, a consistent routine will help baby settle in a not-so familiar environment as it makes your bub feel safe and comfortable. Our recommended bedtime routine is outlined below:

5.30pm – dinner
6.00pm – warm bath
6.20pm – milk drink
6.30pm – brush teeth, change nappy and put bub in their Joey Swag baby sleeping bag 
6.45pm – quiet time read a book or tell story
7.00pm – into bed and kiss goodnight

Family sleep is important for the whole family. Click here for 13 tips for getting more sleep including Mum and/or Dad!

How many hours should my baby sleep?

Between the ages of 1-3 years old a bub should be getting 10-12 hours sleep overnight, with a nap or two during the day. This ensures prevention of common toddler sleep issues including oversleeping during the day. Try to keep naps between 1-2 hours, as sometimes when children aren’t sleeping enough during the day they become over-tired and resist going to sleep at night time. If you have a child who does not like to go down for naps that is ok- don’t feel defeated! Just make sure that they are having some down time by reading a book, watching a movie or story time.

Another reason bubs can kick-up a fuss when going down at night time because they’re not getting enough human attention or interaction during the day. Make sure that your toddler sleep training includes some one-on-one attention during the day and they may settle a little quicker at night.

A few tips & tricks:

  • Make sure your sleep routine is not too complicated – keep it simple and manageable to your family’s lifestyle
  • Ensure the routine is kept consistent everyday even on weekends and holidays
  • If your child gets up during the night keep words to a minimum, keep lights dim and tuck them back into bed
  • If you say you’re going to stay by your baby don’t leave without telling them what you plan to do.