What to Expect After You’re Expecting Workshop – 27 October 2018

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What to Expect After You’re Expecting Workshops

A HUGE congratulations on your pregnancy or your loved one’s pregnancy!  It is such a very special and exciting time for the whole family!  Do you know what to expect after you’re expecting?

I’ve found that there is literally truck loads of information on pregnancy and birth – don’t get me wrong this is vitally important.  The day your baby is born is a milestone you’ll remember forever more.  Becoming new parents is the beginning of a whole new world for your baby and for you as a parent.  However, I believe that parents-to-be need real life practical tips to help ease them into life with a newborn and managing family dynamics that will inevitably change with a new addition to the family!

I feel very passionately about this topic.  The birth of my first child Jacob changed my life forever. I am no longer the same person I was before children.  The experience inspired me to create Bubbaroo and Australia’s first swaddle product.  I have been in the baby industry for some 13+ years, I’ve met thousands of new parents and collaborated with many health care professionals during this time.  I met Taryn from FitRight Physio and really admired Taryn’s passion for women’s health.  It got us thinking about how we could get our message out there for expectant parents and also expectant grandparents to get them to start to think about what’s going to happen once baby has arrived.

What to Expect After You're Expecting Workshop

Image courtesy of Krystle Ricci Photography

This workshop will get you thinking about things you may not have considered or even known about!  Giving you the confidence to know what to do and where to go to get the support you need.

The “What to Expect After You’re Expecting” Workshop was born to be intimate and interactive with NO preaching or judgment!


The Workshop is co-hosted by Bubbaroo and FitRight Physio. We invite guest speakers to present at each workshop.   The October workshop will be presented by:

Nicole Cassey - CEO of Bubbaroo Baby Sleepwear
Me – Nicole Cassey, Mum, founder & CEO of Bubbaroo

I’m a Mum of 2 and was inspired to create Bubbaroo after the personal experience with my first child.


Taryn Watson - Founder of FitRight
Taryn Watson – Mum & founder of Fitright Physio

Mum to Benji, Qualified Women’s Health & Continence Physiotherapist



Renee Bradfield - The Birthspace Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Postnatal DoulaGuest speaker for October Workshop –                          Renee Bradfield from The Birthspace

Renee is a Mum of two young children, Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner and Postnatal Doula with a passion for positive childbirth education and the postnatal wellbeing of new Mums.


Kristy Manners - Growth Spectrum Maternity and Paediatric dieticianGuest speaker for October Workshop –
Kristy Manners from Growth Spectrum

Kristy Manners is a university trained Accredited Practicing Maternity-Paediatric Dietitian. She is also training to be a Lactation Consultant after her struggles trying to breastfeed her first child.


When & Where

The next What to Expect After You’re Expecting Workshop details are:

Date: Saturday 27 October 2018
Venue: Tomasi Room – Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre
36 Dodd Street Wembley
Western Australia

The Workshop will commence at 2.30pm and will conclude at 5pm.


This interactive and informative workshop for expectant parents on how to survive and thrive in those early days and weeks after your baby is born.

Postnatal care for parents

-What to expect in the early days/weeks;

-Self-care & well-being;

-Nourishing yourself in the early weeks and months with a newborn;

-When to & how to return to exercise; and

-Where to get help and support during those early days and weeks.

Life with a newborn

-Setting up safe sleep spaces and products that support safe sleep;

-Breastfeeding from a nutritional point of view for baby and mothers.

-Where to get help and support – what is a Postnatal Doula.

What’s included

Tickets cost only $100 and includes:

– entry ticket for an expecting parenting couple or one expectant parent and a relative

– A goodie bag valued at over $220 containing:

  • a Newborn Pack including a Joey Pouch Swaddle Wrap AND a Standard Joey Swag baby Sleeping bag 1.0TOG size 0-6 months valued at $89.95
  • FitRight Pregnancy exercise DVD with bonus theraband, all valued at $30
  • FitRight Post-birth Rehabilitation educational video series ‘The First Six Weeks’ valued at $11.95
  • a special offer from the uber talented, award winning Krystle Ricci Photography
  • an exclusive offer from Growth Spectrum for $40 off your first initial  consult OR a 1hour group consult (max of 5 people) for $100.
  • a $50 voucher to be used on any services from The Birth Space
  • a Milk & Nourish lactation cookie

Door Prizes

One lucky expectant parent will win a ‘3 hour Postnatal Doula’ voucher from Renee at The Birth Space.


Limited tickets are available for the Workshop. This will provide a more intimate experience for those attending.

You can BOOK YOUR TICKET here for the “What to Expect After You’re Expecting Workshop”.

Nicole Cassey

written by

Nicole Cassey

Nicole Cassey, Mum to Jacob and Emily, founder and general dog’s body at Bubbaroo. Nicole was inspired to create Bubbaroo and Australia’s first swaddle after the personal experience she had with her first child, Jacob.

Nicole explains "It is such a steep learning curve becoming a parent. Getting to know the baby you created and finding your groove as a parent. You sometimes feel like you need to become a detective to try to interpret your baby's cues, personality, cries and behaviour. This is my passion to help parents on their journey, especially new parents as they transition to parenthood."

Nicole has a passion for sharing knowledge and community, regularly organising and presenting at various expectant parent and sleep workshops. Nicole ensures she is up to date with the latest evidence-based safe sleep and health research. Bubbaroo collaborates with experts in their field that share similar values and philosophies and have a passion for helping and supporting parents and expectant parents.

Nicole’s attention to detail with the creation of her premium quality baby, toddler and child sleepwear is exceptional. Nicole has been committed to ensure that Bubbaroo is not just a mass market brand producing products, Nicole’s focus is on helping your baby sleep safely in products that stand the test of time.

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