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The Joey Swag baby sleeping bags arrived & are beautiful! I love the box they came in as well. I almost feel bad keeping them for myself & think I...

Our Craft

At Bubbaroo, we make it our business to craft rather than just source product. Our products are a result of thoughtful consideration and care – we like to think of ourselves as the anti-mass-market. We prioritise safety, workmanship, quality and ideology at every stage. Each of our products is born of experience and necessity. The Bubbaroo process moves from ideation to design, to creating samples. We then refine the samples by tweaking the design and materials. Next, we trial our samples out there in the baby sphere and then distil the all-important feedback from parents into furthering our design evolutions. Finally, we refine and refine again until each product is functional, beautiful, safe and fabulous.

Bubbaroo holds regular focus groups to hear what parents have to say about how our products are performing in their lives. All of our products undergo stringent testing through independent companies, making sure the process is standardised and highly professional. 

We have a saying at Bubbaroo that a product is only as good as what it’s made from and that’s why we insist on premium quality of materials and craftsmanship. We use 100% knitted cotton waffle, YKK zips and YKK press studs, knitted cotton for our blankies and 100% cotton lining and exterior. Our new Platinum range also uses Australian wool padding, organically grown 500 thread count cotton sateen and rayon from Bamboo fibres.


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