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Keep your baby safe & warm...

with a Platinum Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bag

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Joey Pod Transitional Swaddle

The innovative Joey Pod the versatile swaddle bag can be used in 3 ways!

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Joey Pod Transitional Swaddle BagJoey Pod Transitional Swaddle Bag

Bamboo Muslin Wraps

Bamboo Muslin wraps feel so silky soft and light, they almost float

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Fitted Cot Sheet

Bub can now dream on sheets as luxuriously soft as silk.

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Joey Pouch

The original Australian swaddle bag. Safe & comfortable swaddling for newborn babies.

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A beautiful Blankie, a must-have nursery accessory and keep-sake for years to come.

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Joey Swag

Get sleep in the bag with our range of baby sleeping bags.

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Bubbaroo Baby Sleeping Bags, Swaddles, and Blankets

  • Celebrating 10 Years of Bubbaroo

    As we celebrate our 10th birthday, we have created a short video to remind us all of why we do what we do. Please have a look and enjoy.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing Bubbaroo.

    Nicole Cassey


Put your baby to sleep in comfort, easily

Finest products researched, tested and crafted with passion to deliver the best sleep

  • Better Sleep related

    At Bubbaroo, we’ve got you covered throughout bubs early sleep journey. Newborn bubs start with our Joey Pouch® to swaddle them up for better quality sleep. If your baby likes to be swaddled and you want to transition then stage 2 is the Joey Pod Transitional Swaddle which can be used as a swaddle, one arm out or both arms out like a baby sleeping bag.  Once bub is rolling onto their tummy, it’s time to move them into a Joey Swag® Baby Sleeping Bag which is specially designed for bub to move freely while staying covered.

    Joey Pouch Swaddle Wrap

    Too Hot or Too Cold for Sleep?

    Overheating has long been linked to SIDS & being to cold can disturb a baby's sleep..

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  • Nicole's Story

    I’m Nicole Cassey, Mum, founder and CEO of Bubbaroo. My story as a sleep product innovator follows in close step with the sleep story of my first child, Jacob…As with every parent, my life changed forever after the birth of my son Jacob. 

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  • Welcome to Bubbaroo Australia! We’re so happy you found us.

    Created by Mums, for Mums, Bubbaroo’s range of specifically designed quality baby sleeping products mean you can rest assured you’re wrapping your bub in nothing but love.


    Australian owned and operated, Bubbaroo is an online retailer and wholesaler of an ever-increasing range of boutique baby sleepwear. Essentially, we are a one stop shop for parents to find solutions to their baby’s sleeping problems using our beautiful range of Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bags, Joey Pouch Swaddling Bags, essentials and more.

  • Sleep Deprived and Desperate?

    Bubbaroo and the original Joey Pouch Swaddling Wrap was born out of necessity, motivation, creativity and maybe a hint of desperation as we struggled to find solutions to our first baby’s sleep issues.


    We essentially wanted something - likened to a swaddle blanket - that kept our babies safe and snug all night long, even if they had a tendency to kick off their sheets. This is where the idea for our first product, the Joey Pouch Swaddle Wrap, originated.  Designed to simulate the womb and give your baby a sense of security as they sleep, the Joey Pouch was so successful it led to the development of the Joey Swag Sleeping Bag range. 

    Bubbaroo products are different because we don’t try to be all things to all people. Simply, we specialise in safe, stylish, high quality sleepwear products.

    We’ve created a line of fantastic baby sleeping bags, baby swaddles and blankets that have since been tried, tested and loved by my babies as well as by many babies throughout Australia and the UK.

    We’re also developing new product lines and working more with organically grown cotton and Australian wool, because at Bubbaroo we don’t just grow, we grow with you.

    With free delivery on orders over $100, Bubbaroo is as easy on the wallet as it is on your baby.  Check out our unique range of baby swaddles and blankets, and from all of us at Bubbaroo - have a good night.


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