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The Joey Swag baby sleeping bags arrived & are beautiful! I love the box they came in as well. I almost feel bad keeping them for myself & think I...

Nicole and Kids

I’m Nicole Cassey, Mum, founder and owner of Bubbaroo. I was inspired to create Bubbaroo after the personal experience I had with my first child, Jacob…

As with every parent, my life changed forever after the birth of my son Jacob. When he came into the world screaming his lungs out in 2004, Jacob and I shared many sleepless days and nights with him in constant distress - he would stiffen, arch his back in pain and had an acute “startle” reflex. Three hospital stays, numerous GP visits and lactation consultations, I was very anxious, my baby was in so much pain, refusing to feed and losing weight rapidly.  Jacob was finally diagnosed with severe Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease, resulting in his failure to thrive.

To calm him and settle his ‘startle’ reflex, we tried to swaddle Jacob. Pretty soon he began to escape the traditional blanket and repeatedly kick it off - I nick named him Houdini. I didn't like using a traditional blanket because I needed to pull the blanket so tight and restrict his movement.  

Sleep deprived and desperate, I searched for a sleep swaddle solution that would allow Jacob freedom of movement without being able to kick himself loose.

There was nothing.

So I decided to create my own swaddle product.  As with most innovation, Bubbaroo’s first Joey Pouch® Swaddle Wrap was born of necessity, motivation and creativity. I’d finally created a one-size swaddle solution that comforts baby wasn't so tight across their chest but allowed for movement of arms and legs without forcing them into any particular position.  A swaddle product that simulated a mother's womb and wasn't a straight jacket!  Like a Kangaroo's pouch, hence the name Joey Pouch!

At 4 months, when Jacob got busy rolling over and moving around the cot, keeping him covered and comfortable again became difficult so I created Bubbaroo’s Joey Swag® Organic Baby Sleeping Bag as the essential complement and next step after the Joey Pouch® (this was before the launch of the Joey Pod Transitional Swaddle). For the lucky few who manage swaddle-free, the Joey Swag® Baby Sleeping Bag can be used for babies weighing over 4kg (8.8LBS). The Joey Pod Transitional Swaddle can also be used for babies weighing over 4kg (8.8LBS)

I launched our first range of Joey Pouch Swaddle Wraps and Joey Swag baby sleeping bags at the Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo in Sydney in April 2006!  Shortly thereafter I found out I was pregnant with my second child. 

By the time my second child Emily Grace was born in 2007, she was able to benefit from the Joey Pouch Swaddle and the entire Joey Swag baby sleeping bag range until Em graduated to the 'big bed' milestone. Bubbaroo’s unique travel system enabled us to use them when out and about when nap time called in both the car and pram.

Bubbaroo is an Australian owned and operated company. It's like my third child!  We’re a trusted Australian brand of safe premium baby sleepwear. All our products have been designed by me as a result of firsthand experience and based on extensive research into safe sleep. With input from midwives, Red Nose (formerly SIDSand Kids) and many other healthcare professionals, we conducted over a year of initial market research prior to launching.  

I know what it's like when your baby just isn't sleeping I've been there and remember feeling so overwhelmed, no one was listening to my concerns about my child's health - I felt like a number and that no one really cared. I don't believe any mother should have to go through what I went through. Yes, being a Mum is really hard work but I pursued so many different avenues to try to find answers as to why my "healthy" born baby was in constant distress, not thriving and not sleeping. During this journey I was told "acid is over-rated", "you cannot feed this baby", "this is a Mother issue and just let it go".  I was relentless in my quest for answers and once we got to the bottom of Jacob's health issues, so he wasn't in constant pain and was feeding properly and gaining weight, I was able to work on improving his sleep. We did get there and my journey with Jacob is what inspired me to create Bubbaroo. I have a passion for sharing knowledge and community. I believe that sleep is essential for our health and well-being for both babies and parents.

Bubbaroo is different because we don’t try to be all things to all people. Our entire philosophy is to help families get the sleep they need in the safest possible way. We do one thing and we do it really well.  My primary goal is to help and support parents wanting to improve their baby's sleep safely. This is why we're organising and presenting various workshops. Our workshops are designed to educate expectant parents and parents with some insights into why their baby may be having difficulty settling to sleep or have sleep issues and present low stress techniques that can be implemented to safely improve baby’s sleep. No two babies are the same and therefore we don't believe in a "cookie-cutter" approach to baby's sleep.

We’re committed to spreading the message on how to reduce the risk of SIDS. The organisation Red Nose (formerly SIDS and KIDS) do not endorse any baby care products. Bubbaroo supports Red Noses' (formerly SIDS and KIDS) safe sleeping recommendations.  I personally ensure our designs, fabrics, zips and all other materials adhere to our vision of premium quality, safety, functionality and workmanship. All our products comply with relevant Australian and European safety standards and are personally quality controlled by me together with an independent third party testing agency.

At Bubbaroo, we’re looking to the future. We’re developing new product lines such as the Joey Pod Transitional Swaddle as the second stage after the Joey Pouch Swaddle and using organic cotton and Australian wool and bamboo in our Platinum Range. We're focusing on our workshops and collaborating with various specialists and experts in their field who believe what we believe and have a passion to help and support parents and expectant parents.

As a parent myself I stand by our exceptional quality and specifically designed safe baby sleepwear, bedding and accessories backed up with latest research. We're known for our unwavering customer service, caring and supportive philosophy and integrity, our award winning brand means you have peace of mind... .

Bubbaroo. Helping Babies Sleep.


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