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Happy Baby Stories


Fabulous Quality, Quick Easy Online Ordering!!

I just received my order and I was blown away with the packaging and quality it was fabulous ! I have been using Bubbaroo baby sleeping bags for my daughter since birth and just stocked up on the new platinum range 18-36 months, I got a 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 tog, the quality of the new range is impressive I am so pleased with it. I have previously been buying her Bubbaroo baby sleeping bags through a retailer in Bondi Junction and was devastated when they told me they didn't stock your range anymore and was contemplating just buying another brand that they sell there, I am so glad I didn't and decided to take the plunge and order online through your website. So pleased with the whole process it was so quick and easy and I also won one of the books which my daughter loves. All the best,
Sydney, September 2016


Cannot Recommend Bubbaroo Enough!!

I was beginning to worry that my baby girl would never sleep without being swaddled but the Joey Pod Transitional Swaddle Bag was just amazing and worked within one week! Thank you so much
London, June 2016

Beautiful baby sleeping bags!!

The sleeping bags arrived & are beautiful! I love the box they came in as well. I almost feel bad keeping them for myself & think I should give them as gifts, they're presented so well.
Hong Kong, March 2016


My baby is finally sleeping!!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you!! I got my Joey Pouch yesterday in the mail, and my baby is finally sleeping! He is 3 and 1/2 weeks old and a big baby and I have tried every thing to get him to sleep, but the self swaddling (all different materials) he just wriggles out of and have bought every known swaddle bag on the market - I spent a fortune. As soon as I put him in the Joey Pouch, he calmed instantly and I can put him in his cot awake now and he falls off to sleep. My first chance to have a sleep. It's fantastic. So thank you very very much :)
February 2015


I cannot recommend the Joey Pouch enough!

I cannot recommend this swaddle pouch enough. With my first child I used a swaddle blanket that effectively straight jacketed her, which meant she slept well but it was difficult to get her to transition to no swaddle. This swaddle means that my daughter slept well as her arms were restricted slightly and her startle reflex was controlled but it was easy to transition her out of a swaddle as she was used to her arms moving around. The material is lovely and natural, soft and very breathable. I liked the neutral colour of it too. The material is good quality and wore well after numerous washes. Having previously bought other swaddle blankets I would say that this is of similar value, maybe a couple of pounds more expensive, but worth the money for the good nights sleep and easy transitioning into a sleeping bag. The only downside is you need two as you need a spare when washing the other one!
Member of, June 2013


A content and happy Bubbaroo Baby

Harry has been a very content baby and excellent sleeper from the start. He has slept so well in his Bubbaroo Joey Swags, that we have bought multiples in every size and tog (weight) to date. Every sleep is in a Bubbaroo - they have formed part of his sleep routine. I have recommended them to many of my friends who are new mums too.
Kenmore, May 2011

Loving your products every day (and night!)

Just wanted to say thank you for your terrific products! A friend gave me an old pouch and swag that she had used and I loved them so much that I've ended up buying more; my baby is only 4 months old! I've even bought some spares to keep at my mother's. My baby girl loves sleeping in them; they are comfy, wash well and allow her to wiggle her arms freely and suck her fingers when she feels like it! Great product, prompt delivery and classic, subtle colours. I am so impressed with the Joey Swags as not only do they keep my daughter at the perfect temperature (we have all 3 weights!), they signal sleeptime and help her to relax and get ready for sweet dreams. I will be buying more for myself and gifts for my friends!
Newport Beach, September 2009


Blissfully Asleep!

I bought a Joey Swag some time ago and had little success with him transitioning out of his wrap. However, after a few sleepless nights of re-wrapping, re-wrapping and re-wrapping we decided to go cold turkey and he has responded really well!
Thanks for your great product, and also your helpful advice - it was appreciated!
Adelaide, August 2009

No more worries during the night

Hi There I am not sure if you remember me, we spoke on the phone last week regarding purchasing a medium or heavy weight Joey Swag from Baby Bunting in Melbourne. I just wanted to let you know that I purchased the heavy weight swag and I LOVE IT. It is perfect for my daughter, she is snug and I don't worry about her during the night. I also love that it is plain white, not the typical girly girly designs of the other brands. The swag has already been washed and tumble dried a number of times and it still looks and feels gorgeous; it has stayed in shape too. Finally a quality product that lives up to my expectations! Congratulations on a wonderful product, I will certainly be recommending you to my family and friends and I will also be purchasing your light weight swag for the summer.
Melbourne, September 2007

I'll be recommending Bubbaroo

Last weekend I attended the Brisbane Baby Expo and discovered Bubbaroo. I just wanted to let you know that I was truly impressed not only of the Bubbaroo range but also the delightful and informative representative and of your insightful brochure. It is lovely to see genuinely happy, healthy and adorable infants and babies in your brochure, they certainly stand out from the others! I shall be using Bubbaroo when my child arrives and will be passing on the website to my friends and recommending your products and company.
Brisbane, July 2006

No more waking up cold or tangled

My rapidly growing 4 month old daughter has nearly outgrown her first swag. I unfortunately didn't find the swag until Ashleigh was nearly 3 months old, as we live in the country. I bought the first swag at Natures Cradle in Adelaide and my husband and I have been telling everyone about them ever since. Ashleigh did not like to be wrapped and I couldn't for the life of me keep her covered at night in conventional sleeping bags and sheets. In came the Bubbaroo and so came peaceful nights, as she wasn't waking up cold anymore or tangled up. Putting her in the swag also acts as a sleep cue for her.
Clare, SA, November 2007

The best thing we could've bought

Just a quick email, We saw you at the expo at the Olympic Park, Sydney . Bought our son (2) of the Bubbaroo 18-36 Heavy Weight Joey Swags ... It is the best thing we could have brought. So soft, warm and great quality. Thanks for helping us sleep well at night - we are all warm now! NO GETTING UP AT NIGHT!!!!
June 2008

Quick Postage, Brilliant Product

I just wanted to say thanks for the extremely quick postage of my orders!!

It’s nice not to have to wait weeks and weeks like some companies!!

This is a brilliant it....keep up the good work!!
Victoria, March 2009

Such Wonderful Products

They are such wonderful products - thanks so much! I haven't had my baby as yet but I've heard from friends that they couldn't live without their pouch.
Perth, March 2009

I Just Wanted to Say Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you. We have an 11 week old son who has been wearing the Pouch since he arrived home from hospital and he has been a fantastic sleeper giving us a minimum of six hour blocks. Where was the Joey pouch for our oldest son (now 4) who woke every 2.5 hours overnight until he was 7 months old! Another big thank you... I have now purchased the Swag in preparation for the next stage.
October 2008

Can't Thank You Enough

I have both products (Joey Pouch and Joey Swag) already and have used them for the last six months on my seven month old. Can’t thank you enough, I wish the Joey Pouch was around when I had my first two sons. I was in the states last year visiting my girlfriend when she was pregnant and she loved both of them, so I promised that I would send her some for the new baby.
Avalon, February 2007

Transformed My Life

I have been using the Bubbaroo Joey Pouch for 6 months and it has transformed my life, George is sleeping through the night.
March 2007

Sleeping Through the Night

I wanted to let you know how much I love the Joey Pouch, my daughter who is now 2 months old started sleeping through the night about 1 week after I started using the Joey Pouch, she can't get unwrapped, doesn't get cold and knows that the pouch means it’s time for bed, I wish it wasn't the middle of summer or I'd use it during the day as well! Thanks for a great product.
February 2009

Loves the Joey Pouch

I wanted to let you know that Thomas LOVES the Joey pouch- it has been fantastic. Admittedly, it wasn't as tight as i thought it would be - however he loves being able to move his hands up to suck them through the bag. He has really found the bag very comforting and loves it when i put him in there for his sleeps. Thomas is nearly four months now, and 7.5kg!! So, we are nearly ready for the next stage. We have a Joey Swag ready for him.
February 2009

Fantastic Product

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and for changing my order. We have been using a Joey Pouch and it is a fantastic product.
NSW, April 2008

Difference in Sleeping is Remarkable

I hope you remember me from the Baby Expo in Sydney. I said I would let you know when I had my baby...well, its taken me 7 weeks! ... All is good. She is a really easy baby, apart from the fact she hates being wrapped. I have been using the Joey Pouch, and the difference in her sleeping is remarkable. She is so much more settled and happy in the pouch, compared to when traditionally wrapped. I will order another one in the next few weeks. And, I am telling everyone about them (even took it down to the nursery in the hospital to show the other mums).
October 2008

Wonderful Products

Thanks for sending the missing pouch - I was meant to email sooner just to let you know it had arrived.

They are such wonderful products - thanks so much! I haven't had my baby as yet but I've heard from friends that they couldn't live without their pouch.
Perth, March 2009

Wonderful Customer Service

Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service.

Baby Sleeps So Much Better

I love your products... Thank you, it's made my baby sleep so much better.


Nothing like Bubbaroo in Canada

We live in Canada and have thoroughly enjoyed the Joey Swag Sleeping Bag that was mailed to us from our Aussie friends when we had our daughter 5 months ago. We need the next size up and were wondering if you take orders from overseas? Please let us know… We haven't found anything as good over here! Thanks.
Martha & Jay 
Canada, November 2006

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